3 Year Warranty

Engineeringly Optimized Retention Treatment

Our fully custom retainers help you reduce "orthodontic relapse amount" of your practice by combining your expertise with our technology.

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Dual Surface Ni-Ti Retainer: Personalized Care, Optimized Results.

Medical Device Manufacturing under ISO 13485 certification

Permatter continues to grow rapidly, currently available in 16 countries.



Receive your Indirect Bonding Tray with Permatter in 7 Business Days or Less.(Express Delivery Worldwide Services)

Permanent Treatment Result with Permatter®

Digitally Designed & Roboticly Made


Cloud System

You can access the retainer design when you want



We provide the deliveries in 7 (seven) working days


Best Patient Comfort

Robotic Cnc Technology for maximum wear comfort

Our Technology

  • 5X Endurance than Conventional Retainers

    Click here for metal fatique test results

  • Heat Treatment + Surface Texturing

    Heat Treatment and Advanced Surface Engineering Approaches for at least 3 year usage

How We're Different? - Dual Surface Approach for Your Permanent Smile

Permatter® is the inventor of "Dual Surface Lingual Retainer" approach. Last updates are focused to develop advanced surface technology for orthodontic retention treatment. Permatter® V.3.4 brings Hydrophobic and SuperHydrophilic surfaces together. SuperHydrophilic surfaces show 3 times better bonding properties; SuperHydrophobic surfaces prevent biofilm accumulation, at least %60 less; than any other conventional or cad-cam type fixed orthodontic retainer

Permatter® Permanent Robotic Retainer can fix the treatment success within guaranteed 36 months.