3 Year Warranty

Engineeringly Optimized Retention Treatment

Our fully custom retainers help you reduce "orthodontic relapse amount" of your practice by combining your expertise with our technology.

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Permatter Ni-Ti Fixed Retainer

Understanding our easy workflow


Prescribe a Case

Upload the required records and describe the retainer placement wishes


3D Simulation

You can see the design before manufacturing


Approve and Get the Delivery

Pay and can get the delivery in 7 (seven) working days (Express Delivery Worldwide Services)

Key Benefits of Permatter Retainer

Digitally Designed & Roboticly Made


Cloud System

You can access the retainer design when you want



We provide the deliveries in 7 (seven) working days


Best Patient Comfort

Robotic Cnc Technology for maximum wear comfort


  • 5X Endurance than Conventional Retainers

    Click here for metal fatique test results

  • Heat Treatment + Surface Texturing

    Heat Treatment and Advanced Surface Engineering Approaches for at least 3 year usage

Dual Surface Approach for Fixed Retainer

Permatter is the inventor of "Dual Surface Lingual Retainer" approach. Last updates are focused to develop advanced surface technology for orthodontic retention treatment. Permatter V.3.4 brings Hydrophobic and SuperHydrophilic surfaces together. SuperHydrophilic surfaces show 3 times better bonding properties; SuperHydrophobic surfaces prevent biofilm accumulation, at least %60 less; than any other conventional or cad-cam type fixed orthodontic retainer

Permatter Permanent Robotic Retainer can fix the treatment success within guaranteed 36 months.